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Plant Products

Category: Sample Data-Articles Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Written by Super User

The term plant products cover a wide range of items that have been manufactured from, or contain, parts of plants. Plant can mean anything from a pandanus fan, to a wooden table.
Some plant product items may have been purchased as a curio souvenir, or have been a gift from someone. Items manufactured from plant products may be carrying viable seeds, or could have been infested by insects or fungi. In all cases these items will need to be inspected by a Quarantine Officer who will make a decision on their entry status.  

Should the inspection determine that a seed contaminant is present it may require removal or heat treatment to make it safe for entry.

Should the inspection determine that an insect pest is present it may require fumigation, or in severe cases immediate destruction by incineration.

Examples of Plant Products that require inspection include;
- Wooden artifacts, carvings
- Christmas decorations (pine cones and wreaths)
- Dried flowers
- Straw, pandanus, cane, wicker ware and bamboo items Always declare these items, and if in doubt ask a Quarantine Officer for advice.
Some items may be prohibited entry, and others may require treatment before entry can be allowed.

Please be aware that there are severe penalties for non-declaration of risk items.

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